How does Diadoc ensure relevance in law for transferred documents?

Diadoc ensures relevance in law for documents transferred in accordance with all requirements of legislation of RF in force. This is possible if you comply with the following operation principles:

  • All documents are signed with digital e-signature. Digital e-signature contains time mark confirming that the document was signed when certificate was valid;
  • Digital e-signature ensures invariability of the information from the moment the document was signed;
  • Certified encryptic protection means are used to generate digital e-signature;
  • Signature keys certificates are generated by authorized Certification authorities, stated in Rules;
  • Diadoc guarantees credibility of information on contractors and authorized persons;
  • All participants access Rules, being agreement on digital e-signature use stating conditions for operation with documents signed with digital e-signature;.
  • List of e-documents types, with relevant in law digital e-signatures is stipulated in the Rules, too. List is being enlarged and depends on participants needs.

That is why to connect a company to Diadoc the manager or authorized person signs and sends to SKB Kontur Application form on accession to Diadoc to confirm the possibility to use digital e-signature in Diadoc.