KORUS Consulting, roaming agreement

Roaming Between E-invoicing Operators in Russia is On

E-Invoicing operators SKB Kontur and KORUS Consulting (an affiliate of Sberbank of Russia, JSC) have signed the first roaming agreement in Russia on launch of e-documents interchange commercial operation.

Suppliers have introduced in the market a key-turn roaming solution for legally valid e-documents including solution for tax-invoices and waybills. Since August, 2013 the solution is used by «Procter & Gamble», METRO Cash&Carry, «Nestle Russia» and X5 Retail Group (such network chains as «Pyaterochka», «Kopeika», «Perekrestok», «Karusel», etc). The development of roaming technology was started in Y2012 as a part of project on e-invoices and waybills interchange between «Procter & Gamble» and METRO Cash&Carry. All the operations on business processes optimization, internal systems integration, connection settings and adjustments were done in close cooperation with customers’ experts.

“We realized all the complexity of such a task, but we did not escape the difficulties as roaming is one of the key backgrounds to e-invoicing implementation countywide, — says Anna Klimova, e-invoicing implementation program head in «Procter & Gamble», Ltd. – Our project team consists of the strongest experts. We are thankful to our suppliers who managed to complete the project and after long months of hard work to provide such a necessary solution”.

«Nestle Russia» and X5 Retail Group (such network chains as «Pyaterochka», «Kopeika», «Perekrestok», «Karusel», etc) roam e-invoices in commercial mode.

“Our plans are really great: we would like to introduce e-invoicing everywhere possible, — shares the plans Andrey Busygin, Business process optimization and integration head in ″Nestle Russia″, Ltd. — The possibility to interchange e-documents in roaming increase significantly the list of contractors we can cooperate in e-form”.

Connection between SKB Kontur and KORUS Consulting is ensured through encrypted channel and complies with all requirements to legally valid documents interchange, developed and approved by working group in non-commercial partnership «ROSEU» («Electronic service systems developers and suppliers»).

“Technical part is not the most important in roaming setup between EDI suppliers, — thinks Jury Kushpel, EDI.Kontur PM, — The main difficulty lies in the fact that because of the differences in service and security levels it is not easy for e-invoicing suppliers to differentiate scope of responsibility towards their and not their clients. That is why the higher is service level, the sooner we can get common roaming space for all the suppliers”.


“Realization of described cooperation makes it clear that e-invoicing suppliers can overcome technical, legal and organizational roaming challenges if they are interested in client’s satisfaction, — says Igor Zelenko, Commercial Directos of KORUS Consulting, Ltd, (an affiliate of Sberbank of Russia, JSC). This is the first case of roaming between suppliers enabling clients of SKB Kontur Production, KORUS Consulting and Sberbank of Russia interchanging e-invoices and other e-documents without preliminary operations”.