About system

Work with Diadoc is as simple as with e-mail

We have made a lot of efforts to make our system really simple. As a result it will take 5 minutes maximum to learn how to sign, send and receive documents. Try demo and make sure work in Diadoc is simple. 

Diadoc cooperates with all accounting systems

Without reference to software in your company: 1C, SAP, Oracle, etc. Diadoc easily integrates into your business-processes (more information on integration ways).

The easiest way for integration is «Diadoc — Printer», compatible with any accounting system.

A special Diadoc module is developed for 1C. You can send e-invoices directly from the system. 

Legal effect of e-documents is ensured by law

Diadoc software and operation principle fully comply with legal requirements. E-documents are originals. It is not necessary to print them out, you can submit them to tax authorities or court.

If necessary, SKB Kontur acts as an expert submitting all the necessary documents confirming transmission and the correctness of e-signature.

It is more secure to store documents in Diadoc than on PC

Each document is securely protected. E-documents are transmitted in encoded channel eliminating data interception and substitution.

All documents are stored in several copies on various servers. It is impossible to lose information. Diadoc servers are located in Russian best data-centers. 

We guarantee qualified 24/7 support to Diadoc users

SKB Kontur federal call-center is engaged in technical support of our clients. Our specialists are ready to answer questions in any time of the day by any way you choose: by e-mail, via web-site or by toll-free number 8 800 333-10-07.


Even if your contractor is connected to another EDM supplier you can interchange documents as easy as if it had been Diadoc client. Price per document transmitted is not changed.

Developer — SKB Kontur


The company was founded in Y1988. At present it is the largest developer of web-services for business in Russia. The most known projects are Konturn-Extern, Elba, Eureka, Kontur-Focus and Kontur-Normativ.

Over 1 million clients, 800 partners all over Russia. Number of employees — over 1600, annual turnover 3 billion RUR.

The company is experienced in cooperation with state authorities and ensuring of legal validity of e-documents.