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Almost all pharmacy networks generate supply orders in e-form and interchange e-documents. But still they have to record all source documents in paper. Paper documents require manual processing and archive space. It takes time to prepare documents to tax audits.

Latest changes in legislation allow not using paper documents. E-documents are relevant in law originals — they are signed with e-signature, securely stored on electronic document management providers’ servers and easily accessible at request. You can submit such documents to tax authorities via Internet from your office.

Diadoc is a system designed for interchange relevant in law e-documents.


There are upto 70 000 pharmacies in Russia.

Every day a pharmacy receives at average 10 supplies.

Each supply is accompanied as a rule with a set of 4 documents (invoice, consignment note TORG-12, price verification report, and certificate register) printed approximately on 20 paper sheets А4.

15 largest pharmaceutical distributors in Russia transmit over 50 mln documents per year.

Diadoc for pharmacy networks

Reduces time and expenses on processing of incoming source documents due to automatic loading to reporting systems.

Provides pharmacists more time on their direct duties — sell goods, not waste time on documents.

Gets rid of paper archives, saves time on documents search and payment reconciliation with suppliers.

Diadoc for pharmaceutical distributors

Reduces costs on documents printing and storage, gets rid of paper archives.

Automatically generates, signs and sends sets of documents without provider.

Promptly returns documents and corrects them online escaping claims from tax authorities...

Any document interchange party gains the possibility to submit documents to tax authorities in e-form.


With Diadoc

Pharmacy generates supply order in e-order system. In reply supplier sends (via order system, or via e-mail) e-consignment note irrelevant in law.

НIt is necessary to set unloading of notes from mailbox to reporting system, or do it manually. Documents are often lost or filtered as spam».


Pharmacy generates the same supply order in e-order system. But at delivery it already has e-consignment note transferred as before or via Diadoc, and relevant in force TORG-12 signed with e-signature and received in Diadoc.

Diadoc guarantees delivery of e-consignment notes with immediate notification. You can just once set unloading of notes and TORG-12, or combine them in one document.


Suppliers deliver source documents with the goods.

One supply is often accompanied with over 20 paper sheets А4.


Supplier transfers with the goods only one paper document — shipping document. All other documents are transferred to pharmacy in e-form with e-signature via Diadoc.

Shipping document as a rule takes 1 sheet, and is eliminated after delivery against TORG-12 signed.


At acceptance of goods supplier’s e-consignment note received before is verified with TORG-12 delivered with the goods. Pharmacies sign paper documents and transmit them to supplier’s driver.

Documents are verified manually. If there are discrepancies in the amount or quality of goods, TORG-12 is sent back to supplier for correction, and discrepancy reports are generated.


At acceptance of goods supplier’s e-consignment note is verified with TORG-12 automatically or not verified at all (if documents are generated in one). Signing of e-documents is done automatically at this operation.

This saves time and pharmacists can do their work in sales area. If there are any discrepancies in amount or quality of goods, correction may be done online.


Periodically documents are sent from pharmacies to central accounting department.

Pharmacy prepares and sends to accounting department reports on supplies, what costs money and time.


Accountant in central accounting department receives source documents on a regular basis at the moment of supply.

Savings on time and money. Accounting department controls documents in real time and there is no need to generate reports on supplies.


Accountant verifies data from reports with data in accounting program.

For guaranteed VAT setoff accountant shall manually verify documents with data in reporting system, check correctness and completeness of source documents.


Accountant does not need verify source documents with data in accounting program — it is done automatically, as well as check of each source document and set of documents as a whole.

Guaranteed VAT setoff.


Accountant archives paper documents and at tax audits shall withdraw documents from archive, copy them and send to IFNS.

Expenses on archive, rime and money spent to prepare and deliver documents for tax audits.

Electronic source documents do not take a lot of space and are accessible from accounting system.

Documents may be stored on electronic document management provider servers, saving money of archives and providing quick search and access to source documents from accounting system. Documents may be submitted to IFNS in e-form.

Владимир Локис

Vladimir Lokis, Diadoc project manager


«To maintain paper archives is not the main problem for central accounting department — much more money and time are spent to process paper documents, check them, reconcile payments with suppliers and prepare documents for tax audits. You can easily avoid this using electronic source documents.

Integration of Diadoc with pharmacy accounting system makes operation of accounting department easier. So, in Zhivika e-invoices are loaded into accounting system automatically. There they are checked on format, logics and details thereon ensuring guaranteed VAT setoff. Moreover, invoice is automatically verified with TORG-12, and at the end of working day accountant shall just issue control report on e-documents processing results. Such automation is possible only with electronic document management provider».

Annually one network
of 100 pharmacies using Diadoc
saves a forest
consisting of over 300 trees

It is profitable

Diadoc price includes user working place equipment (CryptoPro, digital e-signature, token — bot required for Kontur-Extern users) and Diadoc tariff plan.

Tariff for pharmacies unlimited (used for each pharmacy — consignee) 12 KRUR
CryptoPro license for each working place 1 KRUR
E-signature certificate for on user 1 KRUR
Token (secure key media, if necessary) 1 KRUR
РWorking place for a pharmacist on login/password to view, verify and
lead documents
Free of charge

There is a discount system for several pharmacies from one network going to use Diadoc.

If you connect to Diadoc till end of Y2012 for the next year pharmacy networks with one supplier receive Diadoc free of charge, networks with two suppliers — at 50% of tariff price.

Владимир Локис

Vladimir Lokis, Diadoc project manager


«At the enactment of legislation on e-invoices (May, 2012) Protek Company, the largest pharmaceutical distributor in Russia, announced completion of a test project on changeover to e-document management in Diadoc with Zhivika, pharmacy network, and of readiness to interchange e-invoiced to any pharmacy connected to Diadoc. The distributor plans to continuously and fully automate document interchange with pharmacy networks».

Максим Тюремских

Maxim Turemskyh,Protek Company


«Pharmacies gain the possibility to promptly receive source documents in e-from, reduce costs of documents processing and storage».