Solution for retailers

iCat is a system designed for EDI
and data pool.

Are you a supplier or a distribution network? Our solution for retailers is iCat. EDI-messages and data pool will make incoming and outgoing message processing easier, provide control over placement and on-time master data update.

iCat integration with Diadoc ensures relevance in law of e-documents generated on the basis of EDI-messages.

Just imagine: no paper documents, no mailing, no delayed or lost documents.

EDI-messages are “encoded phrases” transmitted via the Internet. Delivery orders, dispatch notes, invoices — messages are delivered to contractors in a snapshot, you can detect mistakes on-time — make communication between contractors transparent and prompt.

GDSN-data pool is an electronic data pool where supplier publishes article master data and buyer immediately receives actual data.

iCat advantages:

Document processing
time decreases by 80%;

Goods acceptance time
decreases by 50%;

Order and assortment processing efficiency
increases by 67%;

Speeding up of articles
input by 23%;

Expendables cost

Decrease in number of errors
in documents;

Possibility to work via
web-interface and integration
with user accounting system.

«Using iCat and Diadoc together retailers may interchange INVOIC EDI-messages as well as duplicate them with e-invoices relevant in force. We plan to realized this scheme with our corporate partners Kraft Foods and METRO Cash&Carry» — Anton Sizov, Diadoc project manager.
Кока Кола
In April 2012 Coca-Cola published its first goods items in iCat for the international trade network Metro Cash&Carry: «Coca-cola range of products includes over 800 items», says Anna Dudenko, manager in Cloud Services, a partner of SKB Kontur. «Now we plan to publish the rest of goods items. Similar project will be performed with several other Metro suppliers: Wimm-Bill-Dann, Danon and others».
Кока Кола
Since August 2011 up to present Kraft Foods Rus, the largest supplier, has sent INVOIC-messages via iCat EDI to Metro Cash&Carry and has signed e-invoices in Diadoc in a test mode. «We’ve launched this project expecting e-invoices authorization. We wanted to work out technical and organization aspects in advance so that we are fully armed, when e-invoices become hold legally valid», says Svetlana Egorova projects coordinator of accounts department in Kraft Foods Rus. «Our company has always been striving to go with innovations and implement latest process innovations. We are very well aware, that this approach is the right one». «We cooperate with over 400 suppliers, which influences the volume of incoming documents. For example, we receive about 13 000 invoices a day. We believe that implementation of e-documents will significantly facilitate and automate incoming data processing not to mention our savings», says Anna Anikina, head of a group on settlements with Metro Cash&Carry suppliers.