Electronic documents

Documents containing information in electronic and digital form are called electronic (see article 3 chapter I FZ RF №1-FZ).

Electronic documents signed with e-signature (digital e-signature) are relevant in law originals if agreed by the parties (according to FZ RF dated 10.01.2002 №1-FZ). You shall not print them out and store in paper archives. They are delivered to recipients immediately at any distance and are available at any time. Taking into account the latest amendments to legislation all document flow between the companies may be changed over to electronic form.

Since May, 23rd 2012 e-invoice is a full value substitute to paper original and may be submitted to tax authority in e-form via telecommunication channel. Invoice interchange procedure is stated in Order of Minfin №50н.
Interchange of other e-document types is not strictly regulated by authorities. Companies in Russia interchange such documents since Y2002.
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E-documents: advantages

Tax risks reduction

Automatic control and guaranteed delivery of documents in Diadoc reduce risk of VAT recharging caused by incorrect documents or absence of documents necessary.

Accounting efficiency increase

Neither documents in Diadoc require manual processing, nor search — time. Diadoc ensures immediate access to any document.

Nonproduction cost reduction

E-documents take no space. Costs of printing out, manual processing and paper archive are in the past.

Settlements speeding-up

Delivery of original documents takes no longer than a minute in Diadoc. You shall not wait several days to record the documents any more.