Access to all documents in Diadoc – 24/7.
Storage of documents — secure, safe and free of charge.

Incoming documents — free of charge

You can receive and sign incoming documents with any qualified digital signature free of charge.

Outgoing documents

Formalized documents*
Invoice, correcting invoice, corrected invoice

in.xml format approved by FNS

Consignment note or report
in.xml format recommended by FNS

in free format stating document type (note or report) and details filled

Non-formalized documents*
Other documents (proforma invoices, contracts, letters, etc.)

in free form

Package tariffs

500 formalized documents
2 000 formalized documents
5 000 formalized documents
20 000 formalized documents
3 500 RUR
13 600 RUR
33 000 RUR
120 000 RUR

Validity period of any package tariff is 1 year.

Withing any package tariff it’s possible to send non-formalized documents. One non-formalized document will cost as 0.5 of the formalized document’s price.


After expiry of package tariff or its validity period:
formalized documents - 7 RUR each, non-formalized - 3,5 RUR each.

Special price!

On connection you get - 50 ANY documents free of charge!


Payment is made only for documents with completed document flow, if one of the parties rejects signing – documents are not tariffed.

Working station with the right to sign — from 2000 RUR (it’s possible to use certificates of qualified digital signatures of any certificate authority);
working station with the right to view/approve – free of charge.

Subscribers of previously existing tariff plans connecting to Diadoc till 10.09.2012 are serviced on the same conditions, but can choose any package tariffs.

Tariff plans archive