Working with foreign partners?

Kontur.Diadoc is the first service of legally valid electronic document flow in Russia.


Boundless electronic doc flow!

Guaranteed docs delivery
to foreign partner for seconds
Guaranteed prompt return
of signed originals
Pure economy on
international express courier

Widen the boundaries of your electronic doc flow!

Nothing will be changed for working with foreign counterparts for you: same interface, same functions, same EDS.

Please leave an application for Diadoc specialists to customize the settings of international doc flow.


«MegaFon» is already exchanging
electronic docs with Huawei


Wen Eqin
Financial director in Huawei International

We willingly supported MegaFon’s initiative due to deep understanding how electronic doc flow influences our working processes and collaboration efficiency. We made efforts for immediate project implementation and now see the results.

Mikhail Berstenev
Supplies & logistics Chief, MegaFon

Now is not the time to rest and we will connect our other foreign suppliers to electronic doc flow. I warrant that it will let us optimize business processes and make our collaboration more efficient.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim launched international
doc flow with their 50 partners…
And planning go for more!